Monday, 8 June 2015

The smell of South Africa

One place in the Green Point area is called Giovanni's.  They're a cafe and grocer and they make a mean espresso and chocolate croissant.  I don't know if it was mist or fog that covered the docks, but it slowly burned off as I walked towards the waterfront.  The area smelled more and more like the ocean, vaguely spoiled seaweed smells and all, only with a background note peculiar to this place.  At least I've never smelled another place like it.

If I ever smell that smell again it'll bring me back to Cape Town the way that smelling a particular creamed spinach brought me back to my week at Children's Hospital in grade 3.

I haven't really been to Cape Town yet.  I walked 100 paces along a portion of its length while trying to clarify where a particular dock and berth is located.  E Berth at Duncan dock is not East, it's on the West side of the dock (I think).  I'm about to walk there, right now.

It's 4am back home.  It's 1:00pm out here.  I'm about to board the RMS St Helena and experience isolation from the outside world.  I have to wonder if I'm going to meet a bunch of UK citizens who are lavished in finery and interested in having a gated community tour of the world.  Only one way to find out.

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