Monday, 10 November 2014

They Look Like They're Worth More Than That / How About I Show You Mine for $5?

One night I walked home along Frenchmen Street, just East of the French Quarter.  That's where the local craft market sets up, and is apparently also where the New Orleans jazz that made Bourbon Street famous moved to once Bourbon Street mostly became about tits.  I ate a gator sausage po'boy and listened in to the half dozen bands playing in the clubs and bars along the street.  The jazz was lively, a cover band did a weird rendition of Ice Ice Baby, and a sudden and angry rainstorm blew in and had everyone running for cover.  I finished the gator sausage and waited for the squall to end, then started walking again.

It was almost 2 in the morning.  Stepping into the French Quarter I walked past two men and a woman lounging in the closed storefront of some trinket shop or another.  I walked past, and they asked me if I wanted to buy two bottles of wine for $5.  I smiled and said a polite "no thanks" - they missed a beat, then asked if I wanted to buy two bottles of wine and see the girl's tits for $5.

I kind of wish I'd made a snappy quip, or that I hadn't been so surprised, but I said something like "I'm good thanks" and kept walking.  I went to the hotel, went for a swim, then turned in for the night.

Don't have any photos to go along with that story...

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