Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The pictures that everyone takes

I spent most of a day laying in bed.  I hadn't slept very much because of the nausea and the pain, although thankfully I wasn't making any mess.  Around 3 or 4 in the afternoon I felt well enough to stand up and walk around a little bit, and I kept saying to myself... I've only got 1 more day in DC.  No matter how I feel, I have to get out there and look around.

Once I got going it was dusk - late enough that all of the museums I might be interested in were closed already.  I went to view the monuments that I had missed the day prior.  My bike ride was disoriented and feverish on account of the fact that I was disoriented and feverish. 

The Lincoln Memorial was so still, so quiet and so revered by the people inside that it felt as ceremonial as any church that I've ever attended.  I have to say, again, I can appreciate the symbolic power of devoting so much space and energy to these values literally in the heart of power.

These pictures seem obligatory for anyone who went to DC.  I'm not adding anything new or artistic to the world with these images, but they're special because *I* took them with my own camera in this place.  The feeling in the air of that monument is an odd mix of electricity, meaning and profundity.  Words don't do it justice.

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