Friday, 21 November 2014

Sorry DC, but I'm on my way out

There was a moment in DC when I walked out of the hostel to explore, made it about three blocks and almost collapsed from fatigue, nausea and gut pain.  Food poisoning had hit me pretty hard.  I limped into a coffee shop and sat in a comfortable chair until the worst of it went past.  24 hours later and the food poisoning (or whatever it was) still hit me hard.

I was still so sick the day that I left DC that I meant to go to several museums - the Smithsonian, the aerospace museum, DC is full of fascinating things and I wanted to see some of them.  Nausea and pain were not cooperating with this plan.  I took two steps into the US Postage museum because it was the closest one to the hostel, and then when I had no interest at all in its contents I limped to the museum of art (the next closest, which I also had no interest in).

In the end, I just got onto a train and left DC.  Getting sick stole that experience. To get it back, I'll need to go back to DC.

6 hours on the train seemed easy.  Next stop, New York City.

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