Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Since September 24th there have been a lot of places and a lot of things, including getting ripping sick during the LA / DC / NY leg of the trip.  Travel and sickness don't get along too well.

Still... there was New Orleans, full of party and booze and sketchy past-midnight salespeople, Bourbon Street and the more secret place next to the French Quarter that still has more music than tits.

There was DC, which was imposing and incredible... and incredibly brief.  I lost most of my time there to laying still, being in pain.

There was New York, which had powerful ups and downs.  This was where I tried to keep being sick in check, since all of the frantic energy of Manhattan was just outside the front door.  I took a dozen pictures of a pigeon in Central Park feeling too weak and ill to do anything else.  I had tea at the Empress Hotel.  It was both beautiful and awful.  I'm told that's not too unusual for the area.

There was Quebec, which became my first opportunity to rest and get medical attention for the illness that wouldn't go away.  Medical care in QC is interesting.

There was Ontario, and a good friend of mine pitching Buck Rogers meets Stalinist colonialism and pulp fiction space-race, plus an unexpected football game (and win for the home team).

There was BC, the return home... essentially not leaving the place I called home for a week, giving in to my exhaustion.  Having scarcely any time once I got there.

There was North Carolina and my family - the visit to the Biltmore, the real one, the monument to excess and culture, the incredible castle of the 1930's.  Doing my best to listen carefully to political ideas that are radically different from mine and still carry my opinions and ideas where I can.

There's Georgia, simply passing through, headed towards family.

There's Texas, which my next airplane will take me to (in about an hour), where I meet my second cousin for what may as well be the first time.

Then...  on to a place where I can relax, for as long as I decide to relax (or for a month, whichever comes first).

Posting at the same time as things chronologically happen isn't an option, now that there's been a gap of a full month.  The experiences still happened though, and you'll still find out about them here.  Stay tuned.  Each of these summarized things have pictures and things that I mean to share.

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