Monday, 8 September 2014

The perks (?) of co-op life

I've been travelling mostly with a thermarest and thin sleeping mat.  They're comfortable and portable and get the job done, but I wouldn't say they're the height of luxury.

Part of staying in a co-op is that you share the responsibilities of the house - cleaning, cooking, dealing with trash and compost, and other day to day aspects of keeping a large shared house in decent order.  They had a "junk room" - the place under a Someone Else's Problem field and I suggested that as my contribution to the house I could clean it up and make it usable.

This house has lots of storage space, so I spent a few hours here and a few hours there moving the paint cans and solvents under the stairs, disassembling the large spare furniture, and tidying up.  At the tail end of the process I find there's a spare futon mattress, sheets and a quilt and I think "What a fantastic outcome!  I get to set up this room, but I also get to set up the guest room... which I'm sleeping in right now."  Packing away the thin sleeping pad sounded like a great plan.

Last night I came home and plunked down on the mattress.  I was dog tired so I promptly fell asleep...

but there's a catch.

At some point, an animal peed on this mattress.  Now the smell is so distributed across the thing that there's no escaping it.

So... stage 2 of my community volunteering hours equals baking soda, vinegar and peroxide.  Last night I was grateful to have a mattress to sleep on, tonight I will be grateful to have a futon mattress to sleep on that doesn't smell like pee.

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