Wednesday, 3 September 2014

23 hours of driving in 36 hours

This will be a brief update partly by necessity.

I found a ride to Kansas from Black Rock City, the catch was that the gentleman I was getting a ride with was in a terrible rush - partly why he was looking for someone to share driving responsibilities.  This means that with three stops (6 hours for sleep, 7 hours for sleep and 3 hours for sleep) I've successfully travelled from BRC Nevada to Kansas City, MO.

And boy are my arms tired... along with the rest of me.

I'm syncing photos and putting together notes of the past week and a bit, and finding a place to settle in for awhile now that I'm at one of my destinations.  All of the events of TJ back in July/August, all of the events of Burning Man in late August/September, and the strange caravan that brought me out East, I'm giving myself about 10 days to get all of that written down.

Plus I've decided to air out why it is that I selected an obscure University town in the Midwest as my first stop in the North America tour.  Y'all get the stories of my life in here, as it turns out.

For now though, I'm sorting out a way to get to Lawrence from downtown Kansas City and have to run.  Time, tide and trains wait for no one.

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